Coaching Mastermind:

Freedom Within

A 6 month long intimate closed coaching group with a specific focus on helping you achieve your goals and overcome the effects of Narcissistic Abuse and Childhood Emotional Neglect.

Coaching Mastermind

Why you should join...

Working through your challenges alone can be isolating and exhausting. Finding your tribe, people who understand your unique situation and challenges, is an enormous relief. Imagine a safe space where you can:

  • Get expert support and insights to your specific challenges
  • Focus on your personal transformation and goals with the support of others
  • Put to rest old patterns and ways of being that hold you back
  • Reconnect with what's important to you and to make course corrections
  • Be truly understood and heard for your unique life experiences

What is Coaching Mastermind?

This is a small private closed coaching group where we meet twice a month and in each session, 2 or 3 people get coached on what's top of their mind. It could be about family contact, self-care, career challenges, finding a relationship, getting more peace and satisfaction. Anything goes...

How does it work?

Expertly facilitated, in a small, intimate group setting, the group coaching allows you to access my deep experience and expertise in this field, at an affordable price. Group coaching is very powerful because often you get as many insights listening as you do taking part in the coaching directly. Either way, there will be ample opportunity to get your questions answered and help to solve your challenges.

What are the benefits?

Be seen

You can't under estimate the power of having compassionate witnesses for your challenges

Feel hopeful

Get genuine insight and shifts relating to anything you feel blocked by

Get more clarity

When you have more mental and physical space, you get insights about how to move forwards in your life and creative solutions for things which felt stuck.

Get new tools

You'll have access to cutting edge tools for wellbeing you can re-use for yourself.

Next Coaching Mastermind starts Jan 2024

We focus on:

Leading edge psychology

Quality experiences

Impact to improve your performance

Running on alternate Tuesdays from 330 to 430pm UK time from Jan 9th.

A  6 month journey to get:

  • more clarity
  • individual support
  • stop second guessing yourself
  • feel more connected and seen
  • let go of people pleasing 
  • augment yourself care
  • reach your relationship and life goals  with expert help

coaching mastermind

Counsellor Matt Fox - Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist Coach and Counsellor

Your coach:

Matt Fox

Matt is transformational coach, retreat guide, facilitator and mentor. For over 10 years he has worked with men and women who've experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect and Narcissistic abuse. His website offers a wealth of practical advice and expertise to help you through these early life experiences. Matt loves to inspire and empower individuals to unlock their true potential, and to help them overcome the impact of childhood emotional neglect and narcissistic abuse. Matt's work combines profound insight with practical strategies to guide his clients towards success.


The list of benefits of my work with Matt are endless.

For the first time in my life I felt safe to be truly honest about my painful and traumatic childhood. Now I feel completely different from the person who walked through that door.  I feel lighter, so much more alive. I have a sense of inner peace and calm that I never thought was possible.


I recommend Matt without reservation

I felt drawn to Matt for his sensitivity and natural empathy when initially talking with him. It was easy to speak with him and voice my vulnerabilities.

Happy Clients

All that I really need to say is Thank you! Working with you shortly before and directly after my mother passed away was life changing, you turned my perception of myself upside down and gave me power; power to love myself; power to forgive; power to fulfil my potential and be myself. I can't ever thank you enough.


I didn't have to impress, pass a test, be a good recovering person. I could just be me. The connection I felt with myself through Matt was exciting, enriching and illuminating. It is the intimacy I have always craved. I was just looking in the wrong place. 


Before working with Matt, I assumed this was just how my life was going to be and I'd just have to deal with living under a cloud of lack of confidence, anxiety and depression but after seeing these big improvements I now know that is not the case.
I'm glad I didn't give up before I found Matt.


What Makes This Different?

Working with people who have similar experiences, facilitated in safe, expert environment can be one of the most powerful tools for transformation. Over 6 months, meeting 2x a week, in the container of the safe space, you will be able to experience deep and lasting change.


 Your investment

The Coaching Mastermind

£99 per month

6 monthly payments of £99 for twice monthly group coaching sessions


Do I need to have group coaching experience?

Do I need any group coaching experience? Absolutely not. This group is suitable for all levels of experience and will be sensitive to your needs.

Will I need my camera on?

Yes - it's important that you feel connected and visible. That means having the camera on for the duration.

Will I have to share painful things?

No - what you share and disclose is entirely up to you. I'm committed to making the space safe and holding that space for whatever is needed. However, the overall direction and intention of the group is wellbeing, not pain.

what if I can't make it?

With the group's permission, the sessions will be recorded for the private and exclusive use of the group. I encourage you to commit to every session if that is possible for you.

This is your time...

See How Easily You Can Enhance Your Wellbeing, Get Clarity and Deepen Your Insight for How You Want Your Life to Be

This group programme will be a powerful route for you to recharge, reconnect, restore and get insight into how to move forwards in your life.

I'm passionate about helping people find the freedom within...

This is the space of insight. The place that opens up new possibilities. That helps you connect with what you truly want. This group programme is a powerful and life-enhancing experience for anyone who feels like they are limited by their past, wants to reconnect with what's important to them, re-centre and shift old patterns and ways of being. It's a space to create the new version of you: lighter, freer, having more fun. Give yourself the gift of clarity, insight and expert support...