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Reclaim Your Peace Of Mind, Reignite Your Passion For Work and Life,  And Deliver The Impact You Dream Of

I’m Matt Fox, a transformational coach working with business owners, senior leaders and entrepreneurs....

Does this seem impossible to you right now?

How to make a deep impact in the world and have fun along the way. How to live life with lightness . How to not mess up your relationships while doing what you need to do at work. How to thrive, rather than just tolerate yet another week at work, another week of your life.

You have the trappings of success and you've worked really hard to get here. You enjoy the status and freedom that success offer you. But deeper down, there is a restlessness. A question. Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?

You see...

When you drive yourself so hard, when you excel but are never quite satisfied with what you've done...

When your enthusiasm starts to wain and or you feel like you are spinning wheels

When you struggle to balance the thrill of doing amazingly in your career against the ever increasing burden of responsibility...

When you find it nearly impossible to switch off and feel guilty as hell when you do...

When you feel empty inside....

When you're secretly worried about not being there for your kids emotionally...

When you find it hard to unplug and connect...

When you're going through the motions, nodding as if you were listening, but your head is full of work...

When you project yourself into the future and wonder if your kids will want to hang out with you in the future...

It can feel like there's nothing better on the horizon. The thought of 10 or 20 more years like this fills you with dread. The idea that this is 'all there is' is terrifying. You're secretly afraid of messing it all up.

How do I know? Because that was me.

I’ve been there too, first rising quickly through my first roles to end up the youngest member of the senior management team in a Uni. Then finding my way to senior leadership roles in e-learning businesses, before co-founding my own multi eight figure e-learning business with four friends.

As well as the having the blessings and curses of my own high performance, in my business, one of my prime roles was nurturing high performers and leaders. I absolutely loved seeing people grow into incredibly creative and productive contributors to our business.

I’ve also known the downside. Wrestling with dissatisfaction and disaffection. I set myself  high standards and judged myself harshly whenever I didn’t meet them.

I felt so trapped. I didn't know how to get off the bus without my whole world coming crashing down. I was neck-deep in guilt and self-criticism for not coping better, for being more grateful, for not enjoying life more.

When I had my first child, these questions and concerns just magnified. Not only did I have my role and business to worry about, but I found the switch between business and home increasingly difficult. 

My head was often in work mode and I felt resentful when it wasn't. Then guilty for not being their for my partner and son. Deep down, I longed for a more connected, present way of being with my family. I was terrified they'd run out of patience and want nothing to do with me.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I spent years in therapy and thousands on self-development in search of a solution to help me through the enormous pressure of my career and the journey of building a multi-million pound business from scratch with four friends.

I set myself such high standards, that I was bound to fail. The story was self-perpetuating.

I left the business I co-founded after 9 years in 2014, with it turning over millions and with nearly 300 employees across the globe. I felt enormous grief at leaving this amazing group of people behind, but also relief and elation. Above all I felt ready for something new.

That same year,  I started two businesses, a social enterprise and my personal development business. Oh, and I had my first child.

I found myself not only navigating the same challenges of starting up nearly 10 years before, but now I was also dealing with the emotional tsunami and sleep deprivation of having a new born. There were times when I didn't think I could make it through. I lost my joy and my direction.

Everything changed when I came across a revolutionary new approach to psychology.

It was so simple and yet so profound, that in a matter of weeks it completely changed my life.

 I rediscovered my innate ability to connect and be present. To create. To find a deeper peace and satisfaction in life. To take my life to another level without crazy routines or disciplines. Just getting in touch with what was already there.

I trusted myself to find the powerful solutions I needed in my life, and shed the guilt.

It showed me how to flow effortlessly into high performance. How to find balance. How to stay in the game of fatherhood and business without sacrificing one for the other.

If only I’d known earlier in my career, what I know now. About the true source of pressure and distress. About our innate resilience and the secret of infinite and endless creativity. It would have saved me so much pain, struggle, anxiety, guilt and more...

Having trained in depth as a psychotherapist and then as a transformational coach, now I work with people just like you, to help them regain their balance, create something extraordinary in their work  and beyond with way less effort.

Can I help you too? Let's have a conversation and see how we can get you through to the other side, and what we can create together from that place of deep inner-peace.

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