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The Tech Career Accelerator

Bespoke Coaching for Ambitious Leaders in Tech

Do you want to confidently take your next big career step in tech? Get more visibility, recognition and reward without working harder?

The Tech Career Accelerator is a 6 month customised programme for senior leaders in tech businesses (Directors, Heads, VPs, SVPs, C-suite), based on my 25 years as a leader in tech, including co-founding and running an 8 figure digital learning business. 

This programme will help you create:

  • A career roadmap aligned to your deepest values (based on what you truly want rather than what you or others think you should want)
  • Confidence in your capacity to communicate your value up, across and down the line so you can build a compelling personal brand which propels your career forward
  • A simple and effective game plan for navigating office politics so you can rise above the noise and stress of difficult relationships
  • A way of letting others know what you want and need without compromising on your values or trampling over others’ needs
  • The ability to switch off at the end of the day and not replay the day’s events on a loop, so you can be present for yourself and your loved ones
  • The rewards you deserve or the confidence that the path towards recognition is in hand

This is the ideal programme for you if you currently:

  • Feel frustrated that the value you offer and deliver isn’t always recognised by your peers, bosses or board
  • Feel you’re too quick to say yes (and end up frustrated or resentful or exhausted)
  • Don’t speak your mind as readily as you want for fear of offending or upsetting
  • Feel you aren’t rewarded enough for your contribution and want to secure more pay or status
  • Experience some challenging relationships as blockers to progression, making your contribution visible or creating the results you know you can achieve, and you don’t know how to navigate your way out
  • Feel like your to-do list is never-ending, however hard you work, so you miss out on family time or hobbies
  • Feel ready for the next step up, but are unsure about what to do to get there
  • Feel your values don’t align with your employer’s or boss’

You may well have tried fixing things yourself or dabbled with these solutions:

You’ve attempted meditation and mindfulness, but fall off the wagon within days.

You’ve considered counselling or CBT but the thought of opening up to some random individual about your inner most fears fills you with dread. Who has time for that? You’d rather look forward than back.

You’ve read the top books and devoured podcasts on leadership and management, but nothing really sticks.

Ultimately, you feel frustrated with yourself and that it’s unfair you’re not further along than you wanted.

Why work with me?

I’m Matt Fox. I specialise in working with tech leaders who know their value and want to take the next big step in their careers (aligned to their deepest values), but are unsure how to get there or who feel their career has plateaued and want to re-energise it, getting rid of that heavy Sunday night feeling.

I help them find their inner north star and take their professional lives to the next level, be it a promotion, payrise or new direction. 

I’ve worked in tech for 25 years, co-founding and selling an 8 figure tech business along the way.

I went from being a struggling new manager, continually chasing his tail, working all hours, never saying no, to confidently overseeing the entire operations of the business with responsibility over 280 staff in 5 countries. 

During that time, I came close to burnout, had to work hard to establish boundaries, stop working evenings and weekends, and find the time and commitment to take care of myself.

I loved my work, but it had too much of a grip on me, at times risking my health, sleep and my relationships.

Over my 25 years, I worked out how to get the most from my career and my teams, without exhausting myself, overcommitting or abandoning my core values. 

I invested over £100k in personal development, undertaking world-class training and mentoring. With the help of leading expert therapists and coaches, a ton of experimentation and plenty of failure along the way, and developing some unique protocols and approaches of my own. I became an expert at sharing my value and that of my teams, without bragging, being pushy or aggressive. I forged, deep and powerful relationships with peers, colleagues and clients.

Even when others were losing their heads, I knew how to stay on course and support others to do the same.

Now I can help you short-cut your way to this kind of success, without having to make the same mistakes, compromise on who you are or make the same level of investment to leverage all my experience and expertise.

Since 2014, have been coaching tech leaders to get the most out of their careers, without sacrificing their homelife, health, sleep or core values. 

I’ve worked with dozens of leaders to help them shift their inner conversation, re-discover their mojo and rise above the noise and politics of their organisations to create outstanding careers.

Leaders like Dilraj who secured a massive new role in a tech start-up, leveraging his medical training, his entrepreneurial and leadership skills in his ideal position.

Or Founder Simon who was burning out by taking on too much responsibility, never saying no and losing sleep. He redefined his role to play to his core values and strengths, secured more pay, and a better life balance with more time for family and friends.

Or Michelle, who went from nervous new MD, to a confident, stand out leader, securing a 30% payrise and successfully leading the business to an exit. 

Or Paul who went from feeling anxious and an imposter, working 70 hour weeks, to making and exceeding his target for the first time in 3 years, falling back in love with sales and family life.

Or Euan who was on the edge of burnout and resignation, but went on to re-negotiate his role to make it more manageable and enjoyable, while preparing for a life changing and inspiring new life direction for him and his family. As he says, the coaching ‘not only got me out of that dark place I was in, but really rejuvenated me.’

Or David, who says: ‘Matt brings active listening to the next level and helps you get to the core of the goals you want to achieve in life and then helps you build the tools and mentality needed to make them into a reality. I tried working with alot of coaches and none of them listened and discovered and empowered me the way he does.’

Or Patric who says: ‘I think the most profound realisation for me was that I was looking at a lot of things from the wrong perspective, and creating expectations and goals that did not actually align with what I wanted, setting myself up for failure before I had even started. I am also much more aware of my body, what it is telling me about my emotions, and when I am not in alignment with my heart.

Or Caroline who says: ‘.The return on investment in terms of emotional input and what I got back, was huge. Matt really honed in on what was important, and what kind of thoughts and beliefs I had that were not serving me.’

The Tech Leader Career Accelerator

The Tech Leader Career Accelerator is a bespoke 121, 6 month coaching programme specifically designed to support you with your leadership and career development. 

During the programme you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your career next steps aligned with your deepest values
  • Communicate and share your value so leaders in your business take note, recognising and rewarding accordingly
  • Establish a way of working that delivers outstanding results without overworking
  • Build your personal brand so your visibility in your business and network is amplified and you are recognised as a standout leader for now and your next role

In Month 1 and 2, we work tactically to deal with the main challenges in your way, to clear mental and physical space for you to be more strategic

In Month 3 and 4, we develop a new understanding of how the mind works,taking your listening and communication skills to the next level to help you communicate your needs and value more compellingly

In Month 5 and 6 we work on your personal brand blueprint and creating your Living Vision for the coming 12 months to you have a clear North Star for your work and are able to share that so that others pay attention. 

What makes this different?

What makes this approach different is that it leverages ‘subtractive psychology’ - a completely new way of understanding the mind which is designed to lighten your load, and increase your productivity and creativity without working harder. 

During the programme you will discover:

  • The ‘Confidence Protocol 2.0’ is and how to tap into it at will so you can navigate challenges with ease
  • How to use ‘Deep Resonance’ to manage and influence challenging relationships so you can create powerful win-wins without compromising on your values
  • The ‘Stress Inoculator’ which explains where stress really comes from and how to change your relationship with overwhelm so you and your team can stay productive even when the going gets tough
  • The Personal Brand Power-Up to build compelling relationships at all levels and to amplify your personal brand so your value is more visible to those in positions of influence

If you’re already maxed out on busy-ness, this programme is perfect for you.

There are no onerous techniques or things to master - we're all about taking things off your mind to help you perform at your best.

It only needs two to four hours a month of your time - no getting lost in complex techniques or exercises.

There’s no need to revisit the past - we work with helping you to leverage presence and wellbeing first and foremost.

The value you’ll create from your programme will have a lasting effect on the rest of your career and ripple into your personal life supporting your health, relationships and wellbeing as well as your career not only for the next 6 months but for the rest of your life..

Why you should invest in your career development with the Tech Career Accelerator 

By investing in this programme, you’ll have access to specialist coaching for leaders in Tech, all customised to your unique needs.

In addition to the one to one coaching, based on my 25 years of tech leadership expertise, you’ll have access to me in between sessions for support and to answer your questions.

Finally, you will also have access to my unique 6 week online course designed to help you inoculate against stress and overwhelm.

What would it mean to you to: 

  • Secure your next level promotion or pay rise?
  • Stand out from the crowd in your business and professional network to become a recognised leader?
  • Earn what you deserve for all your hard work?
  • Create a legacy that leaves those you lead and report to being advocates for the amazing impact you’ve created?

If  you’re unwilling to lose more precious time with family and kids because you aren’t present or because you’re so caught up in your work. And if you don't want to compromise your health or quality of life through unaddressed stress…

Then it’s time to take a stand for yourself and commit to the Tech Leader Career Accelerator.

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