Transformational coaching for stressed out dad leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs.

I help senior tech leaders create extraordinary results, by cutting through overwhelm, procrastination and imposter syndrome.

Better performance | better health | better relationships

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Hello and Welcome

Counsellor Matt Fox

Are you a driven executive or senior leader in a tech business?

 Are you secretly longing for more fulfilment, but you feel like you're spinning too many plates?

Do you feel there is so much more richness in life but it's out of reach?

Do you feel that overwhelm, procrastination or imposter syndrome are holding you back from reaching your potential?

Are you worried about life passing you by, not making the impact you want in the world or creating the legacy you dream of?

Are you afraid of not having a rich future relationship with your partner or kids, even though you provide for them in every way?

Are you continually struggling with how to balance your work life with your home life?

Do you feel guilty and torn between what you love doing at work and what you feel you should be doing at home?

Is it hard for you to switch off, or switch between work and home modes?

Well, I’m here to tell you something…

It doesn’t need to be this way.

My name is Matt and I specialise in helping executive and senior leaders in tech businesses to deepen their peace of mind, their joy for life, their ability to be there for themselves and their key relationships,  as well as delivering exceptional results in their work. So they can make the deep impact in the world they want.

If you'd like to live life with way more joy, create even more impact with less effort, find a deeper, more satisfying and connected home life, let's have a conversation.