How You Can Build a Stellar Personal Brand In 3 months |

How You Can Build a Stellar Personal Brand In 3 months

If you’re struggling with recognition in your organisation and feeling overlooked.

Or you’re comparing yourself to others and feel like they’re mysteriously doing better than you, then this is for you.

Getting systematic and intentional about building your profile is a powerful way to create visibility and have you top of mind in conversations about performance and promotion.

The first thing to get really clear about is your circle of influence. Who needs to know about you and your work?

Your team? Your peers? Your boss? Your board?

When you’re clear about that, you also need to work out what’s the best way of communicating with them…

One on one? In a group? Via messenger? Informally? Creating space in diaries?

How and when are they most receptive…?

On a call? In writing? Via messenger?

How structured are they in their thinking? Do they need a dashboard report or to hear some great stories from you?

Now the key here, is that you have to experiment your way into sharing your value in the best way possible.

A short cut to doing this is asking your stakeholders how they want to hear from you, and how frequently…

If you’re worried about whether taking this approach might feel like bragging or arrogance, there’s some inner work to do about seeing how sharing your value is in service to you and to those you share with. Seek out a coach or mentor who can help.

But for now, think about this…

How can they know how best to deploy you if your impact and zone of genius are invisible to them?

Results obviously do speak for themselves, but if you take an intentional approach to building your profile, you know that results may not be enough to bring you the next step in your career. The deliberate action of amplifying your impact can really magnify your visibility.

The final thing to share here is that this isn’t a one and done activity.

It’s a process that requires commitment and intentionality.

The rewards though are really worth it.

You stay front of mind in those who matter. You become seen as someone who masters communication and commits to powerfully serving themselves and others.

You become known for bringing your A game across the board, including nurturing your own career.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash