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Swimmer in sea

Is there something essential you’ve forgotten?

 I grew up by the sea and loved boating and sailing as a child. I’ve always loved the water and have been fortunate enough to live near the sea for much of my life. More recently,  in the southwest of the UK, near river and beaches too that are bounteous and utterly beautiful. But somehow over the years, […]

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Dealing with low moods - picture of storm - Matt Fox coaching

What to do when you’re caught in low moods…

Everyone has ups and downs, even those who seem not to.But what if that down you’re in seems to have legs?  Like a few weeks of persistent low energy, low motivation, low appetite (or massive appetite).Often when someone has a persistent low mood they start asking themselves ( or a loved one observes) that they […]

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Feeling disappointed with life - business owning dad

When you feel that there should be more to life…

Do you feel a bit disappointed with your life?It’s a niggle. Exacerbated by social media. You’re scrolling on your phone. A friend’s in the Caribbean, posting cocktails on the beach, again. Another is leaving your town to move to their dream location. Yet another is sharing a family occasion that looks full of fun and lightness.You’re not feeling […]

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light house overwhelmed entrepreneur Matt Fox coaching

When you’re facing continuous overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed? Caught in procrastination or paralysis as a result? Unable to switch off at the end of the day?You’d think better time management or more efficiency would be the answer. But they aren’t necessarily. Nor are better boundaries.Nor is getting better employees or having your wife/kids change their behaviour or demands of you.Nor is […]

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Juggling too many things at one

What to do when you’re juggling too many plates

IT’S ALL COMING AT YOU AT ONCE. The dishwasher needs emptying. The kitchen still isn’t cleared up from lunch. The kids are jumping up and down for your attention. One’s desperately trying to show you a drawing and the other is asking for help with their game. You’re trying to listen to podcast in the background, one […]

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How to be more present with your kids

How to futureproof your relationship with your kids

  It hits you like a slap in the face… ‘Dad, you know when you get to level 9, there’s this really difficult trick? You need to get past Bowser but if you don’t time the jumps right, he gets you every time. I JUST DID IT’ She’s fizzing with excitement and you’re nodding. ‘Fantastic, well done.’ […]

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Overwhelmed dad

Do you live by the ‘Law of Flatpack?’

I’ve done my fair share of assembling flatpack furniture over the years. Not always successfully, I hasten to add. I don’t find following the instructions that easy. Or interesting. There have been quite a few times when I’ve inserted part A into what I thought was part B only to find it was part C. […]

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