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Man in black suit sitting on a chair

Is this the cost of success?

I’m curious, is success secretly killing your relationship? So many people that I work with speak about this. They are often driven leaders in tech, who are crushing their results, see their careers go from strength to strength. But those steps often come with a hidden cost, often showing up in their relationships with family and loved ones. How will […]

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A man standing on top of a mountain staring at the aerial view

When I get confident, I’ll do the thing

Dan was desperate. He stared into his coffee feeling tears of frustration prickle behind his eyes. The warmth of the cup was little comfort.   The thought of another frustrating conversation with his boss where nothing ever changed filled him with despondency. His energy felt sapped. This wasn’t his idea of fun anymore. He knew a change was needed but with […]

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Low angle view photography of a spiral building

How to cure the curse of ‘do do do’

I found myself rushing again. I could feel the heat growing in my chest. The tension building in  my forehead. My mental to do list had taken on Sisyphian proportions (you know the endless pushing of the boulder to the top, just to have it roll down to the bottom again.) In that rushing, I wasn’t paying attention. To what […]

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Asphalt road between the trees

Is this the simplest route to success in any field?

I was very much into cycling in my teens and twenties. I wasn’t the fastest or the fittest, but I was always pretty good at climbing hills. It was the same for running. I wasn’t much of a sprinter but I could go long distances. For a long time I didn’t make much of this capacity but recently I […]

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A close up of a speedometer

Are you ignoring the Check Engine light?

Imagine if you were wrongly accused of fiddling the books. That your life and livelihood were put into serious question. Your reputation trashed. Your standing and wellbeing undermined, without just cause. How would you feel? What would you do? How would you cope with having your truth ignored, challenged, dismissed? If you’re in the UK and you’ve been following the Post Office […]

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Person holding a burger

It’s like eating junk food

This week one of my clients was sharing how they had spent some time on a shared business trip with another colleague in discussion about a leader in their business. The conversation, and I’m sure you’ll recognise the type, because we all have them from time to time, focused on what was wrong or challenging in […]

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A person using both laptop and phone

Your message is dumb, he said

This was the conclusion to a terse exchange between me and someone I’d reached out to on a social media platform. It was the end of a pithy back and forth after their first reply to me had seemed to be derogatory both to me and a particular profession. Of course there are so many potential responses […]

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Black and white faded portrait of a person

When yes battles with no

Thursday 4am. I sit bolt upright in bed. Thoughts of the day’s tasks coming up thick and fast. My stomach clenches. My mouth is dry. There is a gnawing anxiety already present. My head feels tight.   I lie back down, tossing back and forth but knowing the night is over. I try to stay breathing in calm; bringing my attention to my […]

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Photography of dew on spider web

Do you fall into the trap of ‘this or that’?

I leant forward in my seat.  It couldn’t be done.  No way. To get the project finished on time, would mean another weekend at work. My heart sank, and my stomach contracted.  I would have to tell my partner this was another weekend written off for work, in service of my clients, my business. I felt myself growing […]

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