Is there something essential you’ve forgotten? |

Is there something essential you’ve forgotten?

 I grew up by the sea and loved boating and sailing as a child.

I’ve always loved the water and have been fortunate enough to live near the sea for much of my life.

More recently,  in the southwest of the UK, near river and beaches too that are bounteous and utterly beautiful.

But somehow over the years, I lost my connection with something I absolutely loved - being In the water.

This summer, I’ve been in the sea more times than probably the last 15 years put together.

It’s been a process of not only falling back in love with the sea, but also, and perhaps, moreso, a remembering of my love for the sea.

It’s brought to mind how easy it is to get disconnected from what brings us alive, how easy it is to fall into the trap of delaying, or telling yourself it’s too hard or it doesn’t matter enough.

The trouble with that, is that life is over in a blink of an eye. 

The turning away from what we love, what brings us into that most of alive feelings is not something to be delayed.

You might say it is a sacred part of the gift of life, to turn towards what brings us most alive.

I’m not saying that life is so easy that we can cast aside responsibility or leave behind other things of importance, just like that.

However, giving energy to what brings that feeling of aliveness creates a virtuous circle.

It allows you to create space and time for the nourishment of your spirit.

In my experience, the more you do that, the more life clears a path for you to connect with that movement towards your aliveness.

And in the not doing it, you risk the feeling of withering on the vine.

So a question to think about today is, what do I need to remember about my life and world that brings me into my feeling of aliveness?

If I’m feeling it already, how can I cultivate more of that?

If you’d like to explore more of how to bring that aliveness into your life, I work powerfully with people to help them remember what brings them home to that feeling. Send me a message to find out more.

Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash