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Where most leaders fear to tread

How honest are you being with yourself?

Perhaps this question about how honest you’re being might strike you as odd.

But I’m called to share it from some of the deep work I’m seeing unfold with my clients as they look courageously at who they are being in their lives, as the vehicle for creating what they long for.

Anyone can do this work, if they’re willing. 

Behind  that question lies the power to undergo the deepest transformations and unlocking of potential.

Until we’re ready to stare into the abyss and be open to what is really true for us, then the possibilities for change are limited. Or built on shaky foundations.

When we look more closely at what we truly feel but dare not say, then we know we’re on the right path.

A great question to unlock your thinking about how honest you’re being is:

What am I tolerating?

If you pause to reflect, it might open up some powerful insights:

  • A dysfunctional dynamic with your boss
  • A lack of boundaries in your relationship
  • A way of being around your partner or kids that isn’t serving any of you
  • A relationship with your body and fitness that compromises your health
  • A lack of progression or being valued in your current role
  • A secret ambition that you dare not speak out
  • A boredom or sense of stagnation
  • A sense of stuckness or disaffection with life

None of these is easy to admit to yourself.

But doing so, is a key to unlocking change because it gives a baseline to work from: new found awareness and a willingness to look, where you may have feared in the past.

In answering this question, you have a platform for dealing with what is now known. In that space, choices appear, you tap into creative options, you become willing, to challenge your inner status quo.

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash