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Why this ‘wrong question’ uncovers the secret to peace of mind

Last week I was listening to a wonderful interview between Mayim Bialek (of Big Bang Theory fame), Jonathan Cohen, her collaborator, and spiritual leader Sadhguru.

In 30 minutes there was a ton of wisdom share about mental and physical health, the role of pharmaceuticals in society and, most importantly, what any one has to do to find deeper inner peace.

What really got me inspired to share this, was Bialek’s question at the end of the interview. 

She asked Sadhguru what brings him joy (for example a particular food or music or something else.)

No disrespect to Mayim Bialek, but I think her question innocently showed she’d missed the essence of what he was saying.

Sadhguru laughed and gently shared with a simple story, that there is nothing ‘outside’ that can bring joy. 

Joy is to be found inside. And can be done so, independently of circumstance.

Your young child self didn’t need anything to create their joyful self - that state was innate.

When we see the truth of this, it really lightens the load. We stop chasing the perfect relationship, job, pay-rise, home, car, status symbol with the illusion that they'll make us feel good.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting and having those, but if we don’t attach our wellbeing or happiness to having them, then we have the freedom to play far more fully and richly at the game of life.

In fact, what I see with my clients, is that from this 'unattached' stance in life, so much more can be created, with so much more lightness and joy.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash