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Silicon Stardom: Creating Your Personal Brand as a Tech Leader

We’re in the midst of an ongoing technological renaissance, where the silicon chips are the paintbrushes and the digital landscape is the canvas. In such a world, where words like ‘blockchain’ and ‘metaverse’ have become commonplace, the role of a tech leader is constantly evolving. It’s no longer about having just the technical acumen, it’s […]

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Footprint on snow

Where most leaders fear to tread

How honest are you being with yourself? Perhaps this question about how honest you’re being might strike you as odd. But I’m called to share it from some of the deep work I’m seeing unfold with my clients as they look courageously at who they are being in their lives, as the vehicle for creating what they […]

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Silhouette photo of a hand reaching out to a landing plane

Are you piloting the plane?

What happens when you hit turbulence in your life? Do you fly straight or start second guessing yourself? In conversation with a client this week we were discussing how their organisation seemed to be descending into dysfunction.  Decisions are being made without consultation and sometimes against the flow of logic.  It’s hard not to take this personally when it […]

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How You Can Build a Stellar Personal Brand In 3 months

If you’re struggling with recognition in your organisation and feeling overlooked. Or you’re comparing yourself to others and feel like they’re mysteriously doing better than you, then this is for you. Getting systematic and intentional about building your profile is a powerful way to create visibility and have you top of mind in conversations about performance and […]

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Are you caught in the trap of ‘I’ll be happy when’?

This comes up so often in my discussions with clients. The idea that there is a golden goal, the achievement of which will bring a deeper peace, an end to striving or relentless drive. If you’re like me, when I’ve had those sorts of goals and achieved them (say buying a house, getting a promotion or payrise, […]

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Why commit to personal growth?

Are you the same person you were aged 10, 20 or 30? Ask this question of someone and you’ll generally get two kinds of answers:Absolutely yes – while on the surface, much has changed, there is a core part of me that is constant, never-changingAbsolutely not – so much has changed; been learned; experienced that I’m […]

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