How to get off the dad / business treadmill |

How to get off the dad / business treadmill

If you're an entrepreneur, senior leader or consultant AND a dad, you'd be forgiven for feeling like an iPhone that's on 10% charge - all day, every day.

Building or running a business while also handling your family life is hard.

Being fully focused on who's in front of you without drifting off into your work issues, like...

...your bank balance. Future legacy. Staff problems. Client demands.

Most entrepreneur and consultant dads I speak to feel the same. They feel like everybody wants a piece of them and they can't ever switch off or recharge.

We all know when we're on a treadmill but it's so hard to get off.

I've been there myself. On the edge of complete burnout.

Over the last few years I’ve perfected a system that gets dads back on track, quickly. Without adding more to your plate.

Here's the exact 3 steps:

1) The Mind Detox.

Did you know the human mind is designed to clear itself of crap?

By crap, I mean all the 'busy' thoughts, overwhelm, know, the stuff you carry on your shoulders. The stuff that stops you connecting because it's on your mind constantly.

Sadly, modern life causes most of us to block this natural 'Mind Detox'.

I show you how to tap into the brain's natural clearing function. You'll be mentally refreshed and new, much more of the time.

2) Leverage 'Connection Windows.'

There's multiple opportunities to connect - I mean REALLY connect - with your family each day.

But right now it's impossible to do that because you've got way too much on your plate.

I show you how to not only recognise these 'Connection Windows'... but also how to use them to make your family feel special and appreciated (and get plenty of brownie points for you!)

3) Tap into the 'Creator System'

You know those days when you feel so inspired and productive? I’ll show you how to have way more of those... by plugging into the 'Creator System' and getting yourself back to full charge.

When you're plugged in, you love life. Everything feels easy. You're full of energy.

When you're not - life is hard. Exhausting. An endless list of chores that never gets completed.

The Creator System is always ready for you to plug into - if you know how to access it.

This is the exact approach I use for myself and with my clients to go from frazzled, grumpy and knackered to energetic, productive and connected...

Men like Paul. He went from dreading client calls and dropping everything when they came... to having his family say he's way happier, kinder and so much less stressed.

Or Mark, who was off with stress for 6 months, hating Sunday nights. He went back to loving his job and family life. He's now planning on creating his own business.

Or Russell, who lost sleep over his difficult work relationships. He not only found peace of mind, but also aced a mega deal for his business with all extra mental space he got back.

If you want to find out more, drop me a line.

Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash